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Below are just some comments from our many satisfied customers:

"I find Matt to be an excellent instructor, he is very patient and gives individual help in order for each exercise to be carried out correctly"
Maria O'Hewill

"I joined Pilates not really knowing what to expect and fearing that I wouldn't know what to do. With Matt's clear explanations and guidance I have mastered many of the exercises and have a more balanced core! I am definitely more toned. The sessions go by far too quickly and we always look forward to next week"

"I've been attending Matt's Pilates Class for a few years now. A physiotherapist recommended Pilates as I've suffered with bad back pain in the past. I have been amazed at how much Pilates has helped with this, in particularly as I now have a one year old daughter who I have to carry a lot (!) and my back has been fine. His classes are enjoyable and Matt explains all the exercises clearly and concisely. We seem to achieve alot in the hour and there's always a variety of mat and ball work. Matt is extremely motivational and pushes you to give 110% in every exercise we do. As a result of this you leave the class feeling very satisfied and safe in the knowledge that you will ache in a few days timme but it's a good sort of ache as you know you have worked your muscles and are continuing to gain core strength"
Kirsty Maddison

"I have found Matt to be very helpful and encouraging. His calm and prescise manner of explanations of the various positions enables me to carry out his instructions. he is also very aware of when anyone is not in the correct position and will move around and position correctly. Matt also has a lovely nature and inspires you to progress. His soft tones at the end of the session also help to relax. I would have no hesitation in recommending him."

Valarie Nicholson

"Matt delivers an excellent class - the best exercise class I have ever done! A fantastic work out for the core without having to feel highly energetic - relaxing to! Matt provides great clear and motivational instruction (and knows how to get that little bit more out of you!)"
Rachel Teverston

"An excellent class- the time flies by!. Matt has an encouraging and easy going manner which he combines with a professional approach and thorough grasp of his subject. He has converted me to pilates!"
Rhona macdonald