Nudging u to better health


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Our i-nudge software programme sends daily tips (nudges) to your phone on easy and simple ways to improve your health and wellbeing. This means that you are constantly encouraged and motivated to adopt healthy habits.

We are so confident that you will be happy with i-nudge, that you can try it for free for 1 week to see how the small tips can support a healthy lifestyle. You can cancel the subscription at any time, no contract involved!

What is i-nudge?
i-nudge is a new approach to ensuring you live a long healthy life. i-nudge encourages you to adopt healthy choices by sending daily motivating texts direct  to your phone. Each text will contain a small tip which you can make that will have reap big rewards in the long term. The tips will contain information on nutrition, physical activity and your general wellbeing.i-nudge phone 

What will i receive tips on?
You will receive daily lifestyle tips in a range of areas:

  • lifestyle choices
  • easy food alternatives
  • easy to undertake exercise options
  • healthier ways to eat at home
  • Tips on eating out
  • nutrition; including drinking 

How will i-nudge help me?

Research shows that people are more likely to make significant gains to their health by making small changes to their lifestyle rather that sustaining big changes in behaviour, such as joining a gym. Some of us have great willpower and are able to stick to a diet or keep up a fitness regime. Others need a little help in trying to acheive these aims - healthy lifestyle tips and facts or supporting word to keep you on track.


Research has shown that just 10% of all people taking up a gym membership continue their membership past 12months.


Does it work?
We know that receiving texts on your phone will play only a small part in making that journey to a healthier you. As with any lifestyle change, a small commitment is needed by yourself  to ensure that the advice is acted upon. 


Who compiles the nudges

All our lifestyle tips have been carefully put together by our experienced health and fitness team. Our team have a range of qualifications in fitness, nutrtition, older people's health as well as specialised expertise in cardiac and respiratory disease and behaviour change.


How much does it cost?

i-nudge costs just £3.99 per month which includes a daily SMS sent direct to your phone. This is considerably cheaper that gym membership which can cost between £40-£100 per month.


How can I join?

Joining i-nudge couldn't be easier and is completely secure. Just click on the subscription icon below to register your details through our secure payment system.


Can I cancel my membership  at any time?

Yes - you can choose to leave the service at any time by contacting our support team